Euclidean geometry has proven to have unsolvable limitations for machine learning.

ipvive eiOS has a different approach - apply hyperbolic geometry and knot complements to sparsify graphs, embedded into 3-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds:

  • Few understand hyperbolic manifolds, even less can apply them to code. Our dream team includes the son and protegees of William Thurston, godfather of the math. We have relationships and are recruiting the rest.
  • Solving today‚Äôs artificial intelligence challenges like the fidelity and verification of highly dimensional global graphs related to local ones (e.g. user specific speech-to-text and identity).
  • Mapping discrete neurological, physiological and environmental signals extracted from video, audio, documents and sensors in order to understand each person emotionally and culturally.
  • Future potential as a decentralized cultural-emotional intelligence layer for quantum chips.

We are looking for exceptional computer scientists and mathematicians. No hyperbolic geometry or knot mathematics experience is required: talent and drive matter far more.

We are primarily looking for evidence of exceptional ability and a track record of building things that work.

All positions are full time and based in Oakland and Remote Workers for positions not listed, you can reach us at

Interaction Design/UX

Recruiter Coordinator

Technical Program Manager

Software Engineering, Backend

Software Engineer, Training

Software Engineer, Blockchain

Strategic ISV Alliance Manager